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Jen Sage-Robison

Poet   Writer   Teacher


A photograph of a dreamy-looking sky. The clouds are light and puffy, though there is a darkness in them at the bottom of the picture. Sunlight glows in the distance on the left.


A sepia-toned photograph of a Dutch-Colonial-style house with a 1920's car parked in front of it. A stone wall wraps around the front of the house. Two figures lounges on the stone front porch.

Speculative Real Estate

A close-up of a rug being unrolled by a woman. Only the woman's jeans, part of her pale blue blouse and some strands of her long dark hair are visible behind the rolled-up rug.

A Larcenous Streak Runs

in My Family


Before I Knew 

What Mania Was

Colorful Donuts
In The Press

2019 Nominee for a Pushcart Prize


- The Tishman


Finalist for the 2018 Edna St. Vincent Millay

Poetry Prize


 A 2019 Pushcart Prize nominee, Jen was born in the former mill town of Torrington, Connecticut where generations of her family worked the brass mills, machine shops, taught school, ran a boarding house and guarded the sewers. 

 Jen currently leads inclusive creative writing workshops at Westport Writers Workshop. With a background in progressive political activism, Jen has had the privilege of facilitating workshops in prison, for women living in poverty and for mothers of disabled kids.


  Jen is an affiliate of Amherst Writers & Artists

and believes everyone who writes is a writer, that the art of writing belongs to all people regardless

of education, disability or economic class. She believes that carefully listening to people telling their own stories can change the world. 

 Her poems have been published in The Tishman Review, Panoply, Gyroscope Review, THAT Literary Review, Exposition Review, Paragon Journal, and Naugatuck River Review, among other places. She is a contributor to the Hartford L.I.T. anthology and her short fiction is in High Plains Register. A finalist for the 2018 Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize as judged by Major Jackson, Jen also earned a fellowship at the 2018 Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing. 

Jen studied writing and literature at Sarah Lawrence College, UMASS-Boston, Poets House, the Mark Twain House, Westport Writers Workshop, with Amherst Writers & Artists, Grace Paley, Barbara Henning, R.A.Villanueva, and the journalist, Susan Campbell.

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"I hope you will not miss the opportunity to know Jenipher! She has much to offer the world with her talent, her passion and her kind heart."


- Amy Challenger, author, teacher, Huffington Post

"I greatly appreciate what she has done for me as a writer; I've regained my confidence and will to write."

- Kathy Satterfield, writer, Time Magazine

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